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Boyden Gray & Associates is a boutique litigation and public policy firm, continuing C. Boyden Gray’s decades of service as counselor to presidents, business leaders, legislators, and regulators on matters of constitutional law, regulatory policy, and international affairs.

Trusted advocates and counselors from constitutional law and regulatory policy to international affairs.

“Creating huge, new unaccountable bureaucracies to issue massive regulations to correct the mistakes of other huge, unaccountable bureaucracies is not what the Framers had in mind when they imposed the separation of powers to limit government and guarantee free-market liberty for individuals.”

C. Boyden Gray

Our Recent Publications

GRAY: Year-Round E15 Is a Good First Step, But More Is Needed to Confront the New Energy Crisis, RealClear Energy, May 4, 2022

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Former White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray published an editorial in RealClear Energy on May 4, explaining that while President Biden's E15 waiver is a good first step, more is needed to confront the new energy crisis. He writes, Moving towards a comprehensive, sound, and sustainable energy policy will require some course correction. The administration’s current approach reflects a tug-of-war…

Rep. Jim Jordan quotes Boyden Gray in letter to Twitter board on Big Tech Censorship, Apr. 22, 2022

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Rep. Jim Jordan, joined by 17 other Members of Congress, wrote to Twitter's Board of Directors asking for the preservation of documents related to governance, free speech, and twitter's pending acquisition by Elon Musk. He writes, Free speech online is under attack by Big Tech. In particular, Twitter has increasingly engaged in “heavy-handed censorship . . . to silence prominent…

American Conservative quotes Jonathan Berry on ESG in State Pension Funds, Apr. 15, 2022

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Kevin Stocklin at the American Conservative writes on the use of so-called "ESG" in state pension funds. He explains, State pension fund managers who have declared that they will include environmental and social justice goals in their investment decisions collectively control more than $3 trillion in retirement assets and include the five largest public pension plans in the U.S. Among them are…