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Boyden Gray & Associates is a boutique litigation and public policy firm, continuing C. Boyden Gray’s decades of service as counselor to presidents, business leaders, legislators, and regulators on matters of constitutional law, regulatory policy, and international affairs.

Trusted advocates and counselors from constitutional law and regulatory policy to international affairs.

“Creating huge, new unaccountable bureaucracies to issue massive regulations to correct the mistakes of other huge, unaccountable bureaucracies is not what the Framers had in mind when they imposed the separation of powers to limit government and guarantee free-market liberty for individuals.”

C. Boyden Gray

Our Recent Publications

BG&A Amicus Brief Cited by Seventh Circuit in School Religious Freedom Case

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The Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit quoted an amicus brief by Boyden Gray & Associates on behalf of a group of First Amendment scholars in an opinion that upholds the right of religious schools to structure their communities in accordance with their beliefs. In Starkey v. Roncalli High School and Archdiocese of Indianapolis, the court held that the…

GRAY & BUSCHBACHER: Joe Manchin’s Legacy Now Depends on Permitting Reform

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Former White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray and Michael Buschbacher, counsel at Boyden Gray & Associates, published an editorial in The Wall Street Journal on August 7 urging West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to continue his push to secure meaningful reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA. They write,  “e were heartened to see that Mr. Manchin secured…

E&E News Quotes Boyden Gray & Associates on the Supreme Court’s Clarification of the Major Questions Doctrine  

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A recent article by Pamela King of E&E News discusses the origins of the major questions doctrine clarified by the Court in its recent decision in West Virginia v. EPA. In West Virginia, the Court considered the legal theory at the heart of the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era EPA regulation that asserted the authority to impose a cap-and-trade “generation…