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Adam White Speaks on Congress and the Administrative State

On April 2, the Heritage Foundation hosted an event to mark the release of Red Tape Rising: Five Years of Regulatory Expansion. BG&A counsel Adam White spoke on the subject Congress’s role in both facilitating and overseeing the administrative state. An audio recording of the event is available here. UPDATE: Mr. White’s published remarks are available below and here.

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Former White House Counsel Says Government Is Too Big, MacIver Institute, July 3, 2013

[youtube id=”0NhLAM9c49w” mode=”normal” align=”center”] Boyden Gray, White House Counsel during President George H. W. Bush’s administration, sat down with the MacIver News Service recently to talk about the dramatic overreach of government. Gray says that the government is too large and the best way to change the direction our nation is heading is through challenges in the courts because the…

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