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BG&A Secures Complete Relief for Michelle Valent in Supreme Court Settlement with Social Security Administration

Today Michelle Valent voluntarily dismissed her Supreme Court case against the Social Security Administration after the agency agreed to a settlement granting her complete relief. Ms. Valent, a disabled beneficiary of the Social Security Act, was fined $126,210 for failing to report work activity she allegedly performed for a family member’s veterans’ organization while collecting disability benefits. But the 1999…

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BG&A Wins Settlement in Judicial Pay Case

BG&A successfully represented active and senior judges of the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces in litigation against the Federal Government for lost compensation and annuity payments arising from cost-of-living adjustments that were unlawfully withheld. The plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed their complaint in the United States Court of Federal Claims on February 20, following negotiation of a favorable…

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