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GRAY: Electric Car Quotas Have a High Cost, Wall Street Journal, January 26, 2021

Former White House Counsel C. Boyden Gray published an editorial in the Wall Street Journal on January 26, 2021 arguing that California and the Biden administration’s attempt to impose state electric car quotas violate federal law. He writes, To promote efficiency, federal law broadly forbids state regulations “related to fuel economy standards.” Courts have held that this law forbids electric-car quotas and…

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BG&A Files Comments on the Volkswagen Partial Consent Decree’s ZEV Related Provisions

BG&A submitted comments on the Department of Justice’s proposed partial consent decree with Volkswagen, requiring VW to make $1.2 billion in investments to support “Zero Emission Vehicles” (“ZEVs”) powered by electricity. BG&A argues that as a threshold matter, the court lacks jurisdiction to approve the ZEV-related provisions because they do not restrain future violations, as required by law. Second, BG&A argues that the ZEV-related provisions violate the Miscellaneous Receipts Act,…

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